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Hello, this is OK, BYE.
A studio for illustration and photography & a shop for art in Hamburg/Altona.

This website will keep you in touch with our next projects and events, as well as our daily work.



On Dec 6th 2021 we opened our very own in-studio art store with a selection of prints, zines, objects and wearables. We are looking forward seeing you soon! Get to know artists from Germany, find rare gems for your home or get inspired by the artworks exhibitioned.

See you here:

OK BYE shop
Do & Fr 2-7 p.m.
Sa 2-6 p.m.
2G regulations + medical masks
Harkortstrasse 105
22765 Hamburg

Since there won't be a grand opening due to the current regulations, we look forward to your visits in the next few weeks.


Stef Mosebach

is a Hamburg based illustrator who works for newspapers + magazines as well as advertising agencies. They is used to working with art directors and/or art buyers + their work is always based on the briefing. They love drawing.


Eva Dietrich

is an illustrator. In her work she deals with identity crisis, depression and social injustice. The female figures in her art address friendship, anti-normative relationships and tax payments – an every day life avoiding stereotypes and expectations. When she's not drawing, she discusses political topics or eats pizza – or both at the same time.


Julia Maria Werner

is a photographer based in Hamburg. Dogs are her better people.


Patricia Tarczynski

is a graphic designer and illustrator. Born in Poland, and now based in Hamburg, she draws from a wide range of inspirations: witty puns, folk and children’s art, everyday situations, and the interior she surrounds herself with. She creates conceptions, illustrations, visual and brand identities, set designs, products – whatever crosses her path.